As I sit here before bed

As I sit here before bed

My mind is on so many things. My boy, my vehicle, my home just all of lifes happenings right now.

I know eventually things work out in the end. It’s the journey you must take to get to the end. But it always seems to come out for the better. So I sit here and I hope my luck will not run out on me as I continuously race to the end of this journey.

But then I think, my life is truly not a bad one. I am better off than some. As a matter of fact on my way home from running my errands after work I seen a man who was in a parking lot and he had his bike with all his belongings laying around him. Assorting there order to better fit upon his bike to make his travels easier. Among these belongings I seen a small mattress and I wondered how this lone man with naught but a bike carry all these belongings and a mattress. My thoughts veered back to myself and I seen how very lucky I am. I have a huge king size bed awaiting me when I get home, I have a home around this bed, a home that holds warmth and food, shelter and so much more for me. Again I think back to the man. That one small mattress could be his most prized possession. For when he stops whether it be under a bridge or in a park he may lay upon this mattress for warmth and comfort his peers my find him richer than they are just because of one lone mattress. I found myself no longer worrying about my daily woes but worrying for the man with the bike and his lone mattress.

So now I sit here again with this man on my mind is he OK, is he warm, did he get to eat today?  You see we my friends are spoiled we take so much for granted. Material things, our friends, our families, our jobs everything we take for granted. So I am thankful for what I do have. I am thankful for my job!  I am thankful for my home!  I am thankful for my friends!  I am thankful for my family!  I am thankful just to be me!  So let’s all remember this lone man and his small mattress and be thankful we have what we do.

To the man I seen today who showed me what life can truly be I am thankful to you. I hope with all my heart that you are well and warm tonight.

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  1. boy has been thinking about this entry ever since you made it Miss. Homeless people (if indeed the man on the bike was homeless) can be a difficult situation, since many of them are actually homeless by choice, not necessarily by situation or misfortune. Some people truly prefer to be on their own, with a limited amount of possessions. Certainly there have been more than a few times boy has looked around his home, and seeing all the material things he has, and how much waste there is in the items, he wonders if he could truly get along with less. Of course the answer is yes..he very well could. boy is reminded of a story that he read about in the local paper where he grew up, a family had camped out in a local park. The park was public property and essentially the family were breaking the law by trying to live there. A local church, feeling they were doing the family a service, offered them a house, with sufficient bedrooms for the 2 adults and 2 children, and a job for the father and a stipend for the mother. Offered further to enroll the children in the local school. Everything that these people might have needed was going to be provided for them. It only lasted a couple days. The family moved out of the house and went back to the park. When asked why, the father said his family didn’t wish to live in a house, they wanted to be together, but they didn’t wish to have all the material things and problems that go along with them. They were content to just be together as a family, and yes homeless.

    Getting back to the man, the original topic of the story, boy is curious why you didn’t stop and ask if you could help, if there was anything he needed. Instead of wondering if he was ok, you could at least have some semblance of knowing, at least for that evening, that he might have been. Not expecting you to be responsible for him, naturally. Just curious as to the question boy had.

    1. Because I was alone my boy. From a past experience I don’t stop for hitch hikers or the homeless if I am alone. Even though I very much want too. I cannot as of now. Maybe one day I will feel as if I can again.

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