A glorious day!

A glorious day!

My boy, I am so very proud of MY boy!

We started off on a much different path. Both of us unsure and playing a role that was not our true selves. My boy was unsettled. I seen my boy struggling with himself. I seen and felt his cry for guidence. So I did what I felt was natural to me and guided my boy. Paved a path for him to discover himself. He is doing wonderfully. I couldn’t be more proud of him than I am now.

Of course like any relationship whether it is kink or vanilla we have had our ups and downs. But we have come out the other side stronger!  I am sure we will still have our ups and downs but that is to be expected. But how else do you build a strong relationship if you don’t have the good with the bad. As well as the universe giving us both a good swift kick in the ass when needed!  ?


We continue to build our relationship, I feel our bond growing stronger every day. My boy is very well versed in this lifestyle, over 30 years he has been in this lifestyle!  Impressive I know!  Myself only about 2 years and no RL experience that is a goal I am working towards with the help of my boy and a few friends. I feel this is who I am, a Dominant as well as kinky. When I discovered this lifestyle I discovered my true self.

Something very special and wonderful happened yesterday!  Something I have felt very strongly towards. Something I didn’t think would ever happen for me because of past experience putting a black cloud over me. But it happen!  And I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now!  Elated! Joyful! Ecstatic! So very proud to annouce I claimed my boy formally yesterday!!!!  ????? He is now formally MINE!  My boy you make me so proud!  Thank you for such a wonderful and precious gift!  I will treasure my gift!  So now I am the most happiest owner of my boy!  We will build our relationship to the most glorious of all!


2 thoughts on “A glorious day!

  1. Your boy is extremely proud of you as well Miss. Mere words just don’t accurately or appropriately describe how he feels, but he knows you’re the right one.

    1. My boys words fill my heart with warmth and joy. As I feel the same my boy. I had to weed through the garden to find my rose!

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