Two days of hell!

Two days of hell!

I just went through two horrible days of hell!  I caught a horrible stomach bug that is going around now. And sadly with me being in the medical field I am more apt to catch what is going around. I have been vaccinated against all the big bad diseases and such. But it’s those small everyday buggers that tend to bite me in the ass!

I came home from work feeling just fine. Cooked supper ate supper and I noticed I got full fast while eating dinner but didn’t really think anything of it. Well I just put the rest up and started drinking my nightly wine cooler. Welllll let me tell you!  That little culprit set it off! My stomach started feeling very heavy so I went on to bed thinking that will help. NOT!  The nausea started to slowly creep in. I did fall asleep for a bit. Than BAM!  IT HIT!  I had to jump up and run to the bathroom!  From there it went on all night!  LITERALLY!!!!  About 4:00 am it started coming out of  me from both ends!  I literally thought I was going to die!  Finally the vomiting stopped about 6:00 am I was able to get some sleep on and off between spouts of ugh yes diarrhea! I slept the whole next day. No way was I able to get up. Well finally the next day rolls around and I am feeling slightly human again. Still have some diarrhea but not nearly as bad as before.

I was able to work up enough energy to disinfect my bedroom and bathroom. Well that took me all day but by god I got it done.

Now I am sitting here celebrating the fact that I was able to eat solid food after two days!!!  Wooooohoooooo!  I still feel a bit blah. And my ribs are sore from all the vomiting. But I am very grateful it is over and I am getting better!  I would not wish that on my worst enemy!!!!!

Best of luck to all!  Hope you all stay well!

2 thoughts on “Two days of hell!

  1. No one likes it when they get sick. Worse yet when you’re catching something from someone that you’re working for, that just makes it worse.

    Very glad that you’re on the upside of the whole thing, and that you’re getting better little by little.

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