The new discovery I made about myself.

The new discovery I made about myself.

Well it happen a few days ago, it has to do with my D/s. Something was off with me and my sub. He wasn’t feeling his role and I honestly wasn’t feeling mine for quite a while. We both started ‘talking’ and it got a bit heated and well frankly scary!  I thought I was about to lose the man I fell in love with. My heart was racing!  My pulse was thundering!  I was shaking and sweating!  But like he is, a very smart and observant man, he told me his feelings. He wasn’t feeling his submissiveness. I felt the fear just wash over me!  I just knew I was about to lose him. We talked some more. And I knew I had to finally admit to him what I had been feeling the last few months. But again I was hesitant, I was thinking. What if I tell him and he thinks I’m just saying it to keep him, what if he thinks I’m making it up. All these thoughts running through my head. But I knew regardless of what he might think, I had to tell him!  Or I would have regretted it forever. I was still pretty terrified to admit it. But eventually I got it out.

And than this miracle happen!  I mean once I admitted it and we talked it just flowed together naturally!  Like all the pieces to the puzzle just fell in place. It was like this HUGE burden was lifted off my shoulders!  And now I couldn’t be happier!!!!  It’s so wonderful that I now have the most greatest Daddy ever!  And I feel soooo comfortable, so happy being his babygirl!  The world looks and feels right now. It’s amazing how when the puzzle finally slides into place your life becomes so much brighter, better, amazing!!!!!  I am the most proud babygirl of my Daddy!  I am proud to be owned by him!

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