Earlier today I created a Tumblr account. I am excited about it and exploring new things I will discover. As I was doing so I remembered my Daddy had sent me a link to his. So I went and retrieved the link and went to his Tumblr. I was very much enjoying what I was looking at, then I came across a comment he had made on another slaves picture. Automatically I became jealous and worrisome, not out of mistrust towards my Daddy but out of my own insecurities. I know in my heart, mind, and soul that I truly belong to him. I know our future is written in stone and we will be together forever! But my past my mind has a tendency to come back and haunt me. As hard as I may I try to not let it infringe upon my present. But it always has a way of seeping in. My Daddy told me that it will, with time and hard work between the two of us eventually fade and not even be an afterthought. I wait eagerly for that day to come. But until then it continues to haunt me. And it builds fear within me that it will do damage to our D/s. And I know what my Daddy will tell me, he would say, no babygirl it isn’t going to damage us if nothing else we will overcome it together. And I do believe him, I just wish my mind would listen to his words and make the hauntings go away.

All my life I have either been left behind, forgotten, overlooked or abandoned. On top of being taken advantage of used and abused. As if I am nothing more then a discarded piece of trash. But I have to admit, ever since I have met my Daddy my life has changed in ways I would have never imagined. I have discovered new feelings that I never knew truly existed. Feelings I have NEVER experienced until I met my Daddy. So I thank you with all my heart Daddy for loving me. For making me feel worthy of your love!

I know it will be a long hard journey, I know the hauntings will come and go. But my Daddy helps me to be strong and shows me that I am not just a discarded piece of trash, but a human being who does deserve to be loved. 

One thought on “Insecurities

  1. Hello pet,

    I had a feeling as soon as you joined Tumblr and started working your way through my account you’d encounter some things that would give you pause. Tumblr for me is a place where I can ‘let my hair down a bit’ because of it’s rampant anonymity. I can comment, post and be a little freer in the scene than I can other places, but just remember as we talked about, I may comment on others’ pictures, but ultimately, in the final analysis, you’re the one who’s going to be getting the brunt of my attention, the brunt of my playtime, and the maximum amount of love possible by law. So whoever and whatever I comment about doesn’t really matter in the end. Who I’m with, and will be with is the thing that matters most.

    Just a reminder. That’s you.


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