Bad Girl with Sweets.

Bad Girl with Sweets.

I have not been a very good girl the last few weeks, I’m suppose to ask my Daddy permision before I eat any sweets. And well I have been a bit more lonely these last few weeks as well as bored. So I ate a large amount of sweets over the past few weeks. And I started feeling guilty about it as well as started gaining weight. So I confessed to my Daddy, at first I was making a joke of it. But then Daddy expressed his disapointment and it was no longer a joking matter. And now I’m sad and very angry with myself. I don’t like to disapointment my Daddy. But I did, so I am hoping that this entry will make my Daddy happy with me again.

I have a very hard time controling my sweet intake and food intake as well. So if I just follow Daddy’s orders I would eat better. I’m sorry Daddy, I love you!

One thought on “Bad Girl with Sweets.

  1. It does seem that there’s been a breakdown in communication as well as an understanding of the rules. I believe the overall blame goes both ways, and I’ve communicated to you earlier today that when positions were reversed, the same thing happened, so we’re going to consider it even and start over on this particular issue.

    Regardless of being disappointed with you about this, it doesn’t mean that I’m overall unhappy with you. I don’t run hot and cold like that. It’s not ‘all of one ‘ and ‘none of the other’.

    As you’ve said, when you get bored, you eat, and I do the same thing. And eating sweets makes you feel better, at least for a little while. That’s what sugar does for you. It gives you a ‘bump up’, makes you feel better, and then a little while later you get the sugar crash. Which naturally makes you want to eat more. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    A ways back we discussed that doing this alone never works, it’s better to do it with a friend, or someone that you can rely on, who will -push- you toward being good and -tag- you when you’re being less than good.

    Just have to work on that, the both of us. We have time, and we have the ability to do it for and with one another.

    I’m pleased you posted about this. Thank you for doing so.

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