Daddy’s Day

Daddy’s Day

My Daddy is a great man. I have been blessed with him in my life. The day I met him I knew there was something special about him. Now he is very special to me. He is my world,my everything! I’ve never felt as dedicated and loyal to anyone as much as I do to my Daddy.

Throughout the time we have been together he has taught me so much and still is,he has shown me this whole other world I never knew existed! A world I believed was fantasy only. But now know it can be reality.

The man I believe my Daddy is,is the greatest man that has ever come into my life. He is extremely loving,caring,loyal! He is honest,his guidance has shown me so much,it does everyday. His Dominance makes me feel safe,secure,cared for and loved! He makes me feel like im someone special. He is is extraordinary selfless person. He gives and never expects anything in return. He is a wonderful man! A beautiful human being! And if you are lucky enough to have any part of him in your life,then you are TRULY blessed! Because to ME he IS the greatest man alive!

I am so honored for him to be my Daddy, my Dominant, my Master. I am his property in every form. I belong to him mind,body and soul. I am solely dedicated to him. I am loyal 100% to him. He is my Daddy! I love you Daddy.

One thought on “Daddy’s Day

  1. Wow!, Happy Daddy’s Day to me! Thank you my pet for such a unabashed, ‘from the heart’ testament.
    You make me very happy my pumpkin and Im ever so proud of you, how far you have progressed, learned and are very eager to travel on this journey we’re making together. As Ive saud more than once, you’re a priceless gift. Thank you for being you, and being mine.

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